Lynda and her work have been published around the world in top tier media including Womens Health Magazine, New York Daily News, Human Resource Executive magazine, Huffington Post, TheBlaze, LifeZette, among many others. Her work in print, radio and film continue to earn accolades as she works to inspire help, healing and hope. She believes that inside every person is a story worth telling, and her range of interviews span from notable figures to the homeless. 

Beyond Grief Diaries, Lynda is the founding force behind the International Grief Institute, Managing Grief in the Workplace, Circle of Hope, and the National Grief & Hope Convention.

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After losing her 15-year-old daughter in a car accident, Lynda was caught in a fog of shock and grief. Just when she started making strides to reclaim her life, Lynda's beloved 46-year-old husband suffered a massive stroke, leaving him permanently disabled.

Determined to restore hope to her devastated family, Lynda journeyed to the extremes of human resiliency and fought hard to find a way back. In doing so, she discovered that helping others was a powerful balm for her own wounds, and has dedicated her life to  creating endeavors that inspire healing and hope. 

An expert at harnessing the power of storytelling to share her message, Lynda skillfully adapts her inspirational message for each market. Her candid yet graceful approach is heartwarming and profoundly moving, and the tools she offers her audiences are life-changing. No matter the stage, Lynda embodies kindness and compassion as she shares her unforgettable message that if she can restore hope in her life, anyone can. 
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Lynda Cheldelin Fell in Womens Health magazine
Lynda Cheldelin Fell

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Lynda Cheldelin Fell author

Meet Lynda

Lynda Cheldelin Fell is a pioneering visionary and a master at restoring hope to the wounded. She is  a force of courage — a powerful cheerleader — who ignites kindness and compassion with grace and confidence. Her inspirational speeches earn standing ovations as Lynda passionately touches the hearts of people around the world.

Lynda Cheldelin Fell

Creating and hosting the National Grief & Hope Convention in 2015, as Lynda and her husband were flying out, she wondered what to do with all the heartfelt stories she heard that weekend. Each was profound in its depth of sadness but also offered hope to others who shared the same path that the journey was survivable. Lynda decided to create a series that allowed people to share their loved ones, and named it after her radio show, Grief Diaries. As soon as she returned home, she put out an email and over 100 people signed up. Lynda published the first 8 books in December 2015. To date, nearly 700 people in 11 countries have shared their own story. The series has earned 4 national literary awards and inspires comfort and hope that there is a light at the end of every the tunnel.

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