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 Award-winning Grief Diaries and Real Life Diaries are groundbreaking anthology book series featuring true stories about real life experiences. Each book features a collection of stories that explores and reveals intimate aspects of different experiences from nonclinical viewpoints, and offers comfort and hope to those who share the same path.

After losing her teenage daughter in 2009, Lynda launched Grief Diaries as a radio show in 2014. She hosted the National Grief & Hope Convention in April 2015 in Indianapolis, and then published the first 8 books in the Grief Diaries series in December 2015, and quickly attracted readers from around the world. Growing by over 600 writers and 25 titles in just 18 months, the series has earned four literary awards and accolades by notable figures including Martin Luther King's daughter, Dr. Bernice King, MADD founder Candace Lightner, and National Center for Missing & Exploited Children co-founder Jay Howell, and spawned the sister series Real Life Diaries.

Grief Diaries Surviving Loss of Health book
Grief Diaries Surviving Loss of a Sibling book
Grief Diaries Surviving Loss by Suicide book
Grief Diaries Surviving Loss of an Infant book
Grief Diaries Surviving Loss of a Pregnancy book
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Committed to publishing nonfiction stories that explore, education and inspire, AlyBlue Media is home to over 600 writers in 11 countries. Lynda Cheldelin Fell Author

Grief Diaries How to Help the Newly Bereaved book
Grief Diaries Grieving for the Living book
Grief Diaries Shattered book
Grief Diaries Through the Eyes of Men book
My Grief Diary book
Grief Diaries Surviving Loss of a Spouse book
Grief Diaries coloring book
Grief Diaries Surviving Loss of a Loved One
Grief Diaries Surviving Loss of a Child book
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Grief Diaries Loss by Impaired Driving book
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